Why You Need The Services Of The Best Criminal Lawyer In Charlotte

One of the worst moments for any driver is being arrested by traffic officers for Driving under influence or driving while intoxicated. Such moments are usually stressing for any individual especially when they take into consideration the penalties that will come with such a case, and one needs to be properly prepared to face such a situation. The best way to ease such stress is seeking the help of an attorney for legal representation. You will need the services of qualified DUI lawyers in such an instance as they can determine whether you should plead guilty or have the case taken to a court of law. Even in the most complicated cases, you can rely on the services of the DWI lawyers as they have the skills that will enable them to navigate the complex legal system. Check out powersmccartan.com to get started.
In all states, there are DUI laws which specify the legal level of Blood-alcohol concentration and any driver above arrested with the BAC levels above the set limit are deemed 'per se intoxicated.' When you are arrested for DUI case, the state can also charge you with various other charges if you have violated more than one law. At such moments, having a DUI attorney by your side is essential as they will understand the charges better than you will, and they can file a response against the charges and also provide you with legal counsel on how to proceed with the case. Visit powersmccartan.com for more info.

A DUI conviction is one of the most expensive convictions, and It can have an immediate impact on the life of any individual. Some of the primary consequences of a DUI conviction may include fines, court costs, lawyer's charges and bails. Other basic costs of such a case include car towing cost, car ignition or interlock device cost and the cost of seeking alternate transport. To add on to that, when you are convicted due to driving under the influence, you can lose your job or temporarily lose income. One also has to take periodic blood testing and also pay monthly monitoring fees. It is also normal for drivers arrested for DUI to have their car insurance premiums increased while their licenses can also be revoked.

To avoid such harsh consequences, you will need to hire a DUI attorney who will argue your case in the court of law and fight against your conviction. Having an attorney ensures that you can tackle the legal battle, which is usually daunting, that comes with DUI arrest.